Toni's Disclosure Statement

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Faye's Disclosure Statement

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David's Disclosure Statement

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Financial Advice Provider Disclosure Statement

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The 'Insurance Companies Don't Pay' Myth

There is a widely discussed myth that ‘Insurance companies don’t pay’. Whilst everyone seems to have a neighbour, aunty, or acquaintance who supposedly missed out on a claim, this simply isRead more

What is Underwriting?

Insurance can often include a range of technical terms and jargon that can be confusing. That’s where we come in - we’re here to talk you through the insurance process, and answer any questionsRead more

Does your medical provider cover Non-Pharmac funded drugs?

Here's an interesting article from Sovereign's latest Hotline 1081 on 19.09.16. It highlights the importance of having the right medical cover in place. Contact us to find out if your medicalRead more

5 Mistakes People Make When Buying Insurance

Life insurance is not a simple purchase but there are many options which claim to make it easy and stress free. However, are they the best options and are consumers making the right choices? The 5Read more

Get YOUR Personal Warrant of Fitness

Dr Paul Stephens, of Cambridge Medical Centre, has some wise words for all of us to consider - perhaps even more so for men who have no hesitation in get their vehicles warranted, but often forgetRead more

Cambridge Autumn Festival Short Story Competition 2016

Once again we were delighted to sponsor the Cambridge Autumn Festival Short Story competition. Every year the entries grow in number as more and more talented people send in their short stories basedRead more

Will your Medical Insurance cover ALL your surgery costs??

Here's an interesting article from about the shortfall in surgery costs with Southern Cross policy holders. It shows how important it is to have a medical insurance with a provider thatRead more

Surgery Waiting Lists - why you don't want to rely on the Public Health System

We recently received a very interesting link to an article in News Hub regarding the long waiting lists New Zealanders are experiencing if they require surgery in public hospitals. This really doesRead more