Don't wait until it's too late

By Nicky Revell

I had a coffee with my long-time friend on Friday. I expected the usual chirpy catch up but that was far from what transpired.

I could instantly see something was wrong and she told me her younger sister had just been diagnosed with Invasive Melanoma. She is in her early 30's with a husband, an 18-month-old daughter and plans underway for baby number two.

I was stunned. Things like that don't happen to people like her!

But sadly, all too often they do. I was further saddened by the request that came a couple of days later from her sister.

How do I go about getting some medical insurance now? It broke my heart to have to say, "I'm sorry but it is too late".

I guess the lessons in this are pretty simple. Cherish who you love and make sure they know it. Lastly don't leave anything on your 'to do' list, if you feel it is important act now.

And as for my friends lovely and brave sister, well we are all simply hoping for the very best outcome for her and her family.