The Cost of Procrastination

I had a call from a prospective client on our first day back at work this year. He asked if it was still possible to put the cover in place that we had first discussed nearly two years before as he needed to make sure that his family were financially taken care of as he had just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and was unlikely to survive twelve months.

It is really hard to have to say no; it is too late. You question yourself as to why we had not pushed a little harder following our first meeting, but being pushy is not our style. Looking back at our records I can see that we did make contact or attempt to make contact on numerous occasions so we can't feel too bad.

The sad thing is he is going to leave a widow and two young children with not very much.

Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened and it certainly will not be the last. My colleagues all have similar stories and as a nation we are very under insured.

The lesson for us all is if you are contemplating getting more cover or wishing to make changes don't put it off, just do it as it will never be easier than today. Often we have to advise people that we cannot do what they want, we cannot offer them standard terms or in many cases cannot provide any form of cover, all because they waited too long. They procrastinated to the point where no adviser could be of help. Don't let this happen to you.