Surgery Waiting Lists - why you don't want to rely on the Public Health System

We recently received a very interesting link to an article in News Hub regarding the long waiting lists New Zealanders are experiencing if they require surgery in public hospitals. This really does prove that having medical insurance gives you access to Specialists and private hospitals when you need it - not when you can be fitted in. Here are some stats - or read the article for the full report.
  • 110,000 Kiwis on official waiting lists
  • About 174,000 Kiwis need elective surgery but are not on a waiting list
  • 18 per cent of those waiting are in severe discomfort
  • Average time to surgery from first GP visit: Private 76 days; Public 177 days
  • 52 percent of Kiwis think the public waiting list will be longer in 10 years

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